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pg12Rev. Joe Price organized the first Methodist church in Langford cove around 1875. At the organizational meeting were: Mr. and Mrs. G.T. winters, Mr. and Mrs Edington, and Miss Elam. The meeting was held under a live oak tree in front of the Morris Brown house near Langford Gap (later Gholson Gap). The members continued to meet under the trees and in their homes until they made arrangements to share a small school house in the Evant community. The Methodists built their own building in 1905. In 1950 they built a brick building, which they use today (at the time that this article was written).   pg13The Sardis Primitive Baptist Church was constructed June 10, 1876 in the home of S.M. Murphree, about 1 mile north of the present town of Evant. The charter members were; W.M. West, M.W. Dumas, R. Burks, S.M. Murphree, F.B. Brown, A. Burks, Elizabeth West, Nancy Dumas, R.N. Jeffries, B.E. Lee, W.F. Chambers, J.B. Dumas, J.c. Caudel, Jasper Chambers, Phebe Murphree, Susan Brown, Polly Ann Dumas, Rebecca Lee,Rebecca Jeffrey, Margaret H. Lee, and Elizabeth Dumas. This church is now located in Hamilton. Under the leadership of N.T. Byars, the Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church was organized April 12, 1877, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Griggs, about 6 miles North East of the present town of Evant. Besides Mr. Byars and Mr. and Mrs. Griggs, the adults were Mr. and Mrs. D.W. White, and Mr. and Mrs. Donahue. In 1885 a new frame building was erected in the town of Evant; it was paid for by subscription and was dedicated the second Sunday in May, 1892. The name of the church was changed to Evant Baptist Church in 1913. In 1955, a brick building was built.   pg14The first known meetings of the Church of Christ were in the old Cow House School building North East of present day Evant, and in the old one-room school building at Henderson Point. When the Henderson Point building was torn down, some of these families started meeting in the school auditorium. Some of the early members were: the Hills, Burneys, Elams, Gazaways, Epplers, Christians, Miss Ollie Preston, the Scotts, Newtons, Shaws, Singletons, Baizes, Carters, Faubions, and Flats. A frame building was erected in 1928, three blocks west of the square in 1965, it was replaced with a new brick building.   pg15The Bee House Masonic Lodge No. 550, now in Evant, was chartered December 28, 1882. The Evant Masonic Lodge No. 742 was chartered in 1892; after a fire in 1913, the Evant Lodge demised. In 1931 the Bee House Lodge, which had met at Pearl since 1914, moved to Evant. The Lodge constructed a new concrete tile building at Evant in 1970.